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We hope that members and visitors to this site will contribute to the site and get involved in our community. This page is where we will publish news and articles of interest to everyone visiting this site. A separate page specifically for allotment holders and members of the association can be found under the Members’ Section.

We would welcome your comments to any of the posts here but please respect the normal courtesies of social media usage. We reserve the right to remove any material the committee feel is inappropriate or offensive on this site.


One thought on “Using Our Blog

  1. Hi all, i don’t know if this page is still monitored but if so i have a greenhouse in my garden that i plan to take down this year. If any of the allotment owners would like it they are welcome to it. It might need a new base as that has been fixed in place but the rest is fine and has all of the glass. We live on the Paddock, just let me know if anybody is interested.

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