New Guidelines – Corona Virus Update

New guidance for Social Distancing from the Government comes into effect from the 2nd January 2021:

1. Always keep 2m distance from fellow allotmenteers

2. It is permitted to visit your allotment during lockdown but you can only visit on your own or with your household bubble, support bubble or one other person from another household.

3. Do not use other people’s equipment without wiping it clean with wipes or gels

4. We will place a notice at the entrance to the allotments path reminding people that it is not a right of way and only Allotmenteers and the farmer are allowed

5. The mains water tanks are also a potential source of cross contamination as you are relying on individuals (including children) to disinfect the tap before and after use so it may be a good idea to ask people not to use these without taking precautions

Please follow the current guidelines, but if you have any further questions please contact a Committee member or Steve on 01759 380546


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